This is another great German recipe that never fails to impress my guests. Thin steaks are wrapped around an onion, bacon and dill pickles mixture and slowly baked in the oven in a very rich wine sauce.

Sounds very delicious and tastes amazing. This dish is so great for big parties as well as for a hearty family meal.

German Beef Rouladent tastes even better reheated the second or even the third day, if you will have any seconds. Enjoy this unique and delicious dish!!!

Easter Day Ideas and Tips

With Easter Day coming up soon we put together some ideas and tips that will make the day interesting and fun for kids and adults as well. Some of them are:

Do you know how to hress your Easter basket?

Do you know how to make a variety of dyed Easter Eggs?

You don't have to be a pastry chef to make an adorable bunny cake this Easter; just follow these easy steps ...

And also if you've been nominated commander-in-chef this Easter, our guide will lead you into a successful campaign against a hungry family. ... and much much more ...

Kitchen GadgetsParents, Kids and the School

Eating healthy food is extremely important, especially for kids and teenagers who are still growing. As they get older, your child is going to have increasing control over what they eat - particularly if they have lunch provided at school. You will find tips how to encourage your child to eat healthily when they're at school.

Children can dislike school for a whole range of reasons, sometimes to the extent they even refuse to attend. Find advice on how you as a parent can identify, and help with, problems your child has at school.

As an interested parent, it will be important for you to assess your child's progress at school. Expert like Jeff Smith, the head teacher at Anson Primary School in London, gives advise on assessing your child's progress at school.

For much much more click here ...

Vacation and Traveling Food Tips!

Where to vacation when you want great food?

Eat Healthy at the Airport?

Finding a healthy meal or snack at the airport can seem like a lost cause. But a recent survey found that 80 percent of major airport restaurants offer at least one low-fat, high-fiber, cholesterol-free option. You just need to know where to look!

How to Have a Healthy Breakfast on the Road?

Sick of greasy diner food on the road? Pack fat-free powdered milk and low-fat, high-fiber dry cereal. Just ... and much much more ...

Food News and Alerts!

Horrible Healthy Foods?

Sneaky slogans like "All-Natural," "Organic," and "Trans-Fat-Free" might make foods sound healthier than they really are. You might want to rethink foods like fat free yogurt, whole grain cereals, energy and protein bars, pre-packed salads and store-bought rotisserie chickens.

What does "All Natural Really Mean"?

Many shoppers want to eat healthier, but simply snagging All Natural products might not be the solution. The FDA has not defined all natural, and the label might be misleading on a lot of foods.

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Food FactsInteresting Food Facts

Are nuts a healthy food?

What are the effects of drinking liquids with my meal?

Why is food coloring considered unhealthy?

Should I include eggs in my diet?

Does coffee have health benefits?

Is diet soda healthier than a regular soda?

For answers to this questions and more click here ...

Kitchen GadgetsNew Kitchen Gadgets

Take a look at the ultimate and newest gadgets to tackle all your culinary needs. Innovation in the kitchen means: healthier, more delicious, a lot quicker and easier food preparation.

The new tools are created for greater performance and longer life. Convenient, easy to operate and easy to clean, ergonomically designed for comfort, strength and durability, these products make family meals entertainingly simple and yummy.

The gadgets are also great as a gift or to complete your own kitchen collection, offering a unique and integrated approach to the table.

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Fitness tips and newsFitness Tips, News and More

One of the secrets to a healthier lifestyle is of course exercise. Everyone is working to look and feel better. But to keep going to a fitness club is not an easy challenge. If you find yourself dreading going to the gym or you're stuck in low gear, it may be time to breathe some new life -- and new moves -- into your fitness routine. Learn how to craft a great workout to keep you going.

Also take a pick at the latest trends in fitness equipment and gadgets, be fashionable while getting fit. Exercise while wearing stylish watches and gadgets to help your workouts.

Which Fitness Club to join? Find the 411 on which gym is right for you from the experts. Follow here...

Healthy Recipes, Relaxing Vacation, Food News and Facts, Workout Tips: How about a good laugh and may be some inspiration for an EZ Healthy Life Style?

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