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About EZHealthyWay


Welcome to EZHealthyWay.

Thank your for visiting my personal web site.  Here you’ll find many recipes all tested by me, my family or my friends.  I’ve been trying to keep my loved ones healthy for years and my effort is well worth it. I am a mom of 2 kids, and I know how challenging it is to keep up with the busy day; so, it is hard to manage to put a nutritious and healthy dinner on the table each day. I took my old family recipes, some shared by friends, some pulled from cook books or magazines and made them my version — lighter and healthier.

When I got married, I had to move far away from my family. I and my husband had to start our life on our own. As any other young married wife, I was inexperienced in the kitchen. On top of that, I did not have my mom or grandma to give me advices. So, I had to learn everything from books, TV, and most of the time from my mistakes. Now I consider myself a good cook and would love to share some of my favorite dishes.

Most of the recipes here are made from whole food ingredients because I believe this is essential for our health. I am strong believer in the saying that the “Food is an important part of a balanced diet”, so I would love to share with you my family’s most favorite dishes.

I invite you to try these recipes and if you wish to share some of your most favorites, you are welcome to do so. Consider this site as my family sharing the recipes from our recipe binder with you. As I try each recipe many times, I often think of improvements and updates to make the dish tastier or to meet my family's tastes. So remember that the site is a work in progress and keep checking for new and improved recipes.


Thank you for stopping by EZHealthyWay.




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