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Parents, Kids and the School

Healthy Back to School Eating

Check out these ways to make sure that going back to school this year brings a whole new way of eating healthy.

Fighting Fat in Schools

First Lady Michelle Obama is the new cafeteria lady and she's telling schools, parents and kids to swap the French fries for some fruit.

How to Get Your Child to Eat Healthily At School

Eating healthy food is extremely important, especially for kids and teenagers who are still growing. As they get older, your child is going to have increasing control over what they eat - particularly if they have lunch provided at school. VideoJug shows you how to encourage your child to eat healthily when they're at school.

Who at school should be aware of and involved in managing my child's food allergy?

How to Ease Back to School Anxiety

Eyewitness News Today anchor Antoinette Antonio talks to an expert about back to school jitters.

What to Do When Child Hates School

Children can dislike school for a whole range of reasons, sometimes to the extent they even refuse to attend. VideoJug gives you advice on how you as a parent can identify, and help with, problems your child has at school.

What Can I Expect to Spend on School Trips

What can I expect to spend on school trips?: Martin Bamford (Independent Financial Advisor and Director of professional advisory firm Informed Choice)

How Much Homework Should a Teacher Give Out?

How to Assess Your Child Progress at School

As an interested parent, it will be important for you to assess your child's progress at school. Expert Jeff Smith, the head teacher at Anson Primary School in London, gives VideoJug users this advise on assessing your child's progress at school.

How to Make Friends at School

The social scene in school can be a nightmare. Finding friends you have something in common with and then building those friendships is really important, but it's not always easy to do. VideoJug gives you some top tips on school friendships.

Food Plate 2011 could be expensive

One study says that eating according to the government's "Food Plan" can be very expensive.

Online School Shopping

Don't let back-to-school shopping put a dent in your budget. Online shopping expert Michelle Madhok reveals where to get the best discounts and the benefits of price alerts.

How can my child travel safely on a school bus?

How can my child travel safely on a school bus?: Stephanie Tombrello (Child Passenger Safety Educator & Executive Director, SafetyBeltSafe USA)

How to Celebrate That Your Kids Are Going Back to School

You love your children, but let's be honest: You're beyond thrilled that school's starting. Commemorate your freedom with these tips.

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