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Basic Recipes

Easy Chicken StockEasy Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is the base for almost endless dishes, from soups and gravies to a rich but low fat aroma for veggies. After trying this basic and simple homemade stock, you will never want the store-bought, salted kind again ...

Basic Vegetable StockBasic Vegetable Stock

A perfect base for a very large number of recipes. This recipe is for what is known as a light stock, meaning its color not its flavor, and it is suitable for all the soups that you make. The ingredients for this easy vegetable stock are ...

Bolognese SauceBolognese Sauce

This is an excellent chunky pasta sauce with beef, pancetta, lots of vegetables and tons of flavors. I usually freeze any unused portions for later use. This Bolognese or ragu sauce is a very satisfying and hearty sauce that I use on any pasta ...

Pesto SaucePesto Sauce

This is the simpliest, easiest pesto recipe, using easy to find ingredients. It can be prepared in minutes after you toast the almonds. When it comes to pasta sauces, I always prefer simple ingredients and simple recipes. This is the classic ...

Classic Italian Tomato Sauce (Marinara Sauce)

This is a very easy version of tomato sauce for any pasta and for use in other recipes. The method might seem unusual, but the result is surprisingly delicious. It is convenient to have it on hand for quick-to-prepare meals ...





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