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Easy Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is the base for almost endless dishes, from soups and gravies to a rich but low fat aroma for veggies. After trying this basic and simple homemade stock, you will never want the store-bought, salted kind again. So, I keep plenty of this delicious stock on hand to serve as is or use in a variety of recipes. Feel free to add extra veggies, like leeks or parsnips, it will make your stock even more flavorfull and comforting.


1 (4 lb) whole chicken, cut into piecies

1 extra large onion, unpeeled, quartered

4 large carrots, unpeelde, washed and cut into large pieces

4 large ribs celery, washed and cut into large pieces

10 sprigs fresh thyme

10 sprigs fresh parsley with stems

10 sprigs fresh dill

2 large bay leaves

10 peppercorns

4 large whole cloves of garlic

2 gallons cold water

2 tsp salt


1. Put the chicken, vegetables, and herbs in 12-quart stockpot.

2. Bring everything to a boil. Turn heat down to medium low so that stock maintains a gentle simmer. Skim the foam from the stock with a spoon and low simmer uncovered for 4 hours. You might need to add hot water to keep the meat and vegetables submerged.

3. Strain stock through a straner and discard the solids. Cool completely at room temperature. Place in refrigerator overnight. Remove the fat from surface of the stock and store in container in refrigerator for 2 to 3 days or in freezer for up to 3 months. Great as a base for soups and sauces.




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