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The latest food news and alerts to keep you informed in making good diet choices.



Latest Food Recalls and Reason for Recall:

Date Brand Name Product Description Reason for recall Company
05/04/2011 Safeway Kabobs Made with Grape Tomatoes Salmonella Safeway
05/04/2011 Albertsons, Raley’s, Safeway, Others Grape Tomatoes Salmonella Taylor Farms Pacific, Inc.
05/03/2011 From the Vine, Trader Joe's, Sunset Grape Tomatoes Salmonella Mastronardi Product
05/02/2011 Albertsons, Raley’s, Safeway, Others Grape Tomatoes Salmonella Taylor Farms Pacific, Inc.
05/02/2011 Les Fumoirs Gaspe Cure Salted Smoked Split Herring Clostridium botulinum Porky Products, Inc.
04/30/2011 Thai Kitchen and Simply Asia Thai Kitchen Noodle Carts (Sweet Citrus Ginger, Thai Peanut, and Spicy Thai Basil) and Simply Asia Noodle Bowl (Roasted Peanut) Undeclared Milk Simply Asia Foods, LLC
04/29/2011 Satur Farms Cilantro Salmonella Satur Farms
04/29/2011 Cherry Berry Cherry Tomatoes Salmonella Six L's
04/29/2011 Quinault Pride, Quinault Tribal Enterprises Canned Seafood Products Processed without following food safety requirements Quinault Tribal Enterprises
04/28/2011 RAW Organic Food Bars Undeclared peanut protein Organic Food Bar, Inc.
04/26/2011 Better Batter Baking Mixes Undeclared Milk Raymond-Hadley Corporation
04/26/2011 Elsie Grace’s Dip and Soup Mix Product Undeclared Milk, Soy, or Wheat Elsie Grace’s Dry Food Company
04/23/2011 Jonathans Alfalfa Sprouts Salmonella Jonathans Sprouts
04/22/2011 Nature's Delight Cucumbers Salmonella L&M Companies, Inc.
04/22/2011 Simple Foods Carob Brown Rice Crunch Squares and Carob Mint Miniatures Undeclared Milk Simple Foods
04/21/2011 Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Chocolate Brownie Undeclared Peanut Allergen Doctor’s CarbRite Diet
04/20/2011 Grove Grow Grove Grow Notes Dried Taro Undeclared Sulfites S&M (U.S.A) Enterprise Corp.
04/20/2011 Rain Rain Swiss Roll (Strawberry Flavor and Coconut Flavor) Undeclared Eggs S&M (U.S.A) Enterprise Corp
04/20/2011 Satur Farms Cilantro Salmonella Satur Farms, LLC
04/19/2011 See's Candies Mayfair Candy Egg Undeclared walnuts See's Candy, Inc.
04/19/2011 Jonathans Sprouts Salmonella Jonathans Sprouts
04/18/2011 Royal Sweet Bakery Herring Clostridium botulinum Royal Sweet Bakery, Inc.
04/18/2011 Signature Collection Atlantic Smoked Salmon Listeria monocytogenes Woodsmoke Provisions, LLC
04/15/2011 Archer Farms Ground turmeric Elevated levels of lead B&M, Inc.
04/15/2011 Summersweet Dip and mousse Listeria monocytogenes Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel
04/12/2011 California Sandwich Factory, Cardinal Brand Sandwiches Undeclared egg A-1 Sandwich Company
04/08/2011 Waco’s Bestyett Sandwiches Pimento Cheese Sandwiches and Chicken Salad Sandwiches Undeclared egg Waco’s Bestyett Sandwiches
04/07/2011 Chicken of the Sea Chopped Clams Undeclared shrimp Tri-Union Seafoods
04/05/2011 Fresh Express Spinach Salmonella Fresh Express
04/05/2011 Le Bon Patissier Pastry Products Undeclared wheat, egg, pistachios, walnuts, or milk Le Bon Patissier
04/01/2011 Cottage Grove Farmhouse Bakery Bread Undeclared egg Cottage Grove Farmhouse Bakery
03/31/2011 Angelina Smoked Roundscad fish Potential for botulism Arko Foods International
03/30/2011 Louie’s Sprouts Salmonella Louie Foods International
03/30/2011 Frankly Fresh Seafood Salad Products Listeria monocytogenes Frankly Fresh, Inc.
03/29/2011 Fitness Labs and Lindberg Powdered Protein Products Salmonella Nutrition Express
03/29/2011 Portier Fine Foods Norwegian Smoked Salmon Listeria monocytogenes Smokehouse LLC
03/25/2011 Toxic Waste® Short Circuits™ Bubble Gum Elevated Levels of Lead Circle City Marketing and Distributing, dba Candy Dynamics
03/24/2011 Mai's Bakery Hopia Mongo and Moon Cake Products Undeclared Egg Mai's Bakery, Inc.
03/23/2011 Sassy Cow Creamery Ice Cream Undeclared allergens Sassy Cow Creamery, LLC
03/23/2011 Cottage Hearth, 7 Select Wheat Bread Undeclared Milk Unified Grocers
03/22/2011 Del Monte Cantaloupes Salmonella Panama Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc.
03/22/2011 Mi Pepito Arnica Flower and Stem Arnica Incorrect usage information on package NAC Foods Corporation
03/22/2011 Samlip Red Bean Bread Undeclared Egg Seoul Shik Poom Inc.
03/21/2011 Lakeside, Bountiful Harvest, Code Elite, more Pickled Sliced Beets May be under processed - risk for botulism Lakeside Foods, Inc.
03/18/2011 Melissa's Serrano Peppers Salmonella World Variety Produce, Inc.
03/18/2011 Thomas Produce Jalapeno Peppers Salmonella Thomas Produce Company
03/17/2011 Universal Gain Fast, Universal LAVA, Universal Torrent, Others Protein-based Supplements Salmonella Universal Nutrition
03/14/2011 Haifa Schmaltz Herring and Cold Smoked Sprats Clostridium Botulinum D&M Smoked Fish, Inc. d/b/a Haifa Smoked Fish
03/11/2011 O.N.E. Coconut Water Mold ONE World Enterprises, LLC
03/11/2011 Oak Farms Dairy Chocolate Milk Alkaline Phosphatase, Insufficient Pasteurization Oak Farms Dairy