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Useful Kitchen Advice

Every cook must know the basic tools he needs in the kitchen. Here is a list of some of the most important tools we need.

Essential tools you need to have in the kitchen:



This is the perfect tool for grating citrus fruit. When you zest a citrus fruit, its aromatic oils are released. These oils give the zest its intense flavor. A plane zester is easy to use, requiring almost no pressure. To release the bits of zest that get caught in the holes, tap the zester on the counter. And a zester can be used also for grating hard cheeses, such as Parmesan, Pecorino and Romano, or for grating nutmeg, chocolate and ginger.



measuring tools.jpgMeasuring Tools

These are basics that each cook needs, no matter how little cooking you do: a glass measuring cup for liquid is a must. You should also have sets of spoons and cups for dry measures. As with other tools, I find that stainless steel is the best material because it is long-lasting and can be easily washed.





Whisks are intended to blend ingredients without lumping and to incorporate air into liquids. They are ideal for beating eggs, making dressings, mixing sauces, and whipping heavy cream. They're also ideal for whisking together dry ingredients when baking. Choose a durable whisk with the most wires, and make sure the wires are rooted securely in the handle. Choose longer whisks because they can reach into pots and pans; shorter whisks are useful for mixing in bowls.




They look like giant tweezers and can be used to hold and lift all kinds of food, hot or cold; they can also reach high-heat places, especially on the grill or in the oven. Tongs are ideal for turning meat when cooking, removing baked potatoes from the oven, lifting hot food out of hot water, or tossing and serving salads and pasta.



oventhermometer.jpgOven thermometer

Having an oven thermometer is essential to successful cooking, especially baking. Oven thermometer can be critical in reaching great results. Place it in the oven to make sure that what you set the dial at is what you get; if not, adjust the temperature or cooking time accordingly.




spoonula.jpgRubber spatulas

Rubber spatulas are crucial tools for cooking and baking. They're perfect for scraping dough and batter down the sides of bowls, and are safe to use with nonstick surfaces. It is only necessary to have two sizes: a large one and a small one, both with long handles.





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