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Sometimes I’m in the mood for a satisfying snack. I love experimenting with different recipes. The appetizers on this site are a lighter version of my family’s favorites. Start your meal with these light and satisfying dishes.

tuna saladSalads

A big variety of light salads, packed with vitamins and necessary nutrients for our bodies. Choose from a big selection—easy, healthy and low calorie choice! A salad does not have to be bland and boring. Try to add more color and textures to your salads and you will be surprised how enjoyable a salad can be.


Whether it’s a cool soup in summer or a steaming pot of hearty chili on a winter’s day, soup is excellent for the body and the soul. Enjoy my soups in any season!

Meatless mealsMeatless Meals

If you are on a diet or you are a vegetarian, you will find here recipes for your taste and interest. All these recipes are very easy, quick, on budget and healthy. I included here some classic recipes as well as some more exotic ones. Try them and you will not regret.

chicken dinnersChicken Dinners

Chicken is always the favorite in my family. So many possibilities and so satisfying. I have a lot of recipes because this is my first choice for a low cal and low fat protein. And it’s so delicious!

Fish RecipesSeafood Recipes

If you like seafood like my family does, you will find the following recipes very delicious and easy to make. All these recipes ask for ingredients that you can easily find in your local supermarket, and you can quickly make a healthy dinner for your family or for a party. Seafood is really healthy, light and almost everyone's favorite.

Hearty MealsMeat Dishes

Who doesn’t like beef stew or a beef roast hot from the oven… I know I do. Eating healthy doesn’t mean restricting yourself from your favorite dishes. I believe we must eat everything but in moderation. Food is a great source of pleasure and pleasure is good for the heart!


We love dessert and cannot give up on pleasure of having sweets after dinner. These recipes are rich and rewarding and will be a great way to finish a good dinner.

pastaPasta Recipes

Pasta, whether baked or boiled and served with delicious sauces has always been a family favorite. And why not? It is quick, easy, affordable and very tasty. As a quick main course, nothing beats a balanced dinner of whole wheat pasta with everyone’s most favorite cheese and cleverly disguised vegetables. Enjoy my easy and healthy pasta recipes!

Basic recipesBasic Recipes

Here you will find simple techniques and instructions for the basic recipes every cook must master. Impress your family and friends with your cooking expertise using these tips and simple recipes.

International RecipesInternational Recipes

You will love these recipes from around the world. I love trying new flavors, spices and techniques. There is so much to try and so many things to discover. All the recipes on this web site are shared by my family and friends from around the world.